Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Top Chef Reality

August was a rather calm month. Heath and I finally got settled into our new apartment and started really exploring the town! Heath was doing Internal Medicine in August and it was his first month on call at JPS (John Peter Smith Hospital). It wasn't too bad. He was only on call every 6 nights. I was traveling to Houston quite a bit for work, although we were able to squeeze in some fun and a NEW family member....

Our Top Chef Reality
Heath and I are huge Top Chef fans. In fact, it is Heath's favorite show. The week we were moving up to Fort Worth, the celebrity chef that was judging the quick fire challenge that week was Chef Tim Love from FORT WORTH. It was such a coincidence. So we knew, we wanted to try his restaurant as soon as we moved up here!

We went to his signature restaurant, Lonesome Dove for my birthday dinner! It is in the Fort Worth Stockyards, which is such a great area to truly see Cow Town. Our meal was AMAZING and if you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend the restaurant. We started out with an appetizer medley of Lobster Hushpuppies, Rabbit-Rattlesnake Sausage, and Kangaroo Nachos. My favorite by far was the Kangaroo Nachos (see pic below)!

For the main entrée, I got his signature Roasted Garlic stuffed beef Tenderloin and Heath had the Yellow tail Snapper. In my opinion, my dish won =).

We ended the night with his Warm Ancho Chile Chocolate cake which was the dish that won him the Iron Chef Competition. As a huge chocolate dessert fan, it was not my favorite.
Despite all this amazing cuisine, the most amazing part of the meal came in liquid form. Being from Texas, I have tried a lot of Margaritas, but nothing in the world has ever been as tasty as his Organic Margarita. Made with 100% organic ingredients and using agave nectar instead of simple sugar, it was the most amazing margarita of my life. Even though it cost $10, it was worth every penny!!
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