Monday, August 31, 2009

Our New Addition

August was an especially important month since we welcomed a new member to our family!!  Heath and I had been toying with the idea of adopting a second dog for some time now.  Molly would get bored every now and then and we couldn't play with her all the time. 

So on a normal day, Heath and I were making a run out to the feed store to get more food for Molly, and of course right next door was the North Texas Humane Society so we decided to just stop in.  After spending some time with one dog that was pretty sick and required more time than we had, we saw our Max.  He was in the bottom cage against the wall, so he was easy to miss.  He looked like a giant could hardly make out his face!  In fact, that is what the humane society named him, Puffball, which I personally think is an awful name, especially for a boy dog.

An employee saw us looking at him and encouraged us to take him on a walk to see his true personality.  A few steps out the door, we were sold.  He was the most adorable, full of life dog ever.  He was not the least bit bothered that he was stuck in a kennel.  He was bouncing all over the place dragging us along with him.  When he wasn't bouncing, he was on his back waiting for a belly rub!  He was such a sweetie! 

Heath and I are big believers in adopting dogs and I highly encourage every one of you to consider that too.  I understand that some dogs look a little rough in kennels, but you need to look through that, see their personality, and try to see what they could become with a lot of love and a little grooming =)  Our Max was so badly matted that he had to be shaved before we brought him home.  Check out what our poor boy first looked like when we brought him home...

Poor guy!  Heath and I quickly rolled up our sleeves and got to scrubbing.  Here he is the same night after the Crawford team tackled him...

For the 3 months he has been ours, he has gone from 12 to 17 pounds and he has really opened up to us!  A lot of his hair has grown back and he is once again the puffball he once was!

The shelter told us he was 3 years old, but of course they had no clue.  Our vet said he couldn't be older than 1, and you can tell, he's still a puppy!  He was already potty trained when we got him, we just had to get him use to elevators!  He has the cutest personality.  He is deliriously happy..even when you are punishing him.  He is so inquisitive and investigates everything.  If a low cabinet door is open, he will just go right in.  He prefers to sleep underneath the bed, and when he naps in the day he likes to lay on the hard wood floor.  The best part...he sleeps on his back. Check it out...

Molly is loving her new brother.  At first there was a little tension when he would play with her toys, but it is much more calm now.  There is still a little sibling rivalry of course.  They play fight all the time, but there there are times they both give each other is too sweet.  Here is Molly out on the porch, we leave the porch door open almost all day long and they come and go...they love the breeze!

I am sure there will be many more blog posts about the pups to come!

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