Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Big Move

June was pretty much consumed with our move to Fort Worth!  We absolutely LOVE our new apartment up here.  We moved into a brand new apartment on the Trinity River right by the Colonial golf course.  We have an extra bedroom and love visitors!

Before we said goodbye to Houston, we went to one last Astros Game!  Check out Heath's beard.  He was growing it out as long as possible in protest that he was about to start a job and would have to shave for the rest of his life.  Welcome to the real world =)

After moving away from Houston, I have a new sense of Houston pride!  I finally bought an Astra's jersey and can't wait for the first Rangers vs. Astros game up here next summer, so I can root root for my home team!  I also can't wait for our first Rockets vs. Mavs game.  I love my H-town teams!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jenny and James's Wedding!

Heath and I packed up and headed to Austin for Jenny and James's Wedding.  Jenny is a very good friend of mine from Deloitte and there were so many of my colleagues there.  It was so much fun to party with everyone!  We stayed with Rich, our soon to be brother-in-law and we enjoyed a great weekend with him!

Heath and I about to head out...

With the beautiful bride

I love my work friends

My favorite senior manager

Me and Alisa

The very happy couple!

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