Thursday, September 24, 2009


September was a great month!  Heath got to choose an elective and chose Acupuncture.  Unfortunately, he didn't learn enough to practice on me, but it did allow him to work only about 9 hours a week (on a bad week)! He got 2 weeks off in September, so he got to return home to Houston for the first time since we moved and we also went to NYC and Missouri for his sisters wedding!

September didn't start out so great for me.  This is typically my busiest time of year and I was extremely busy the first two weeks of the year, so once the September 15th deadline came...I was looking for a vacation!!

Heath was going to NYC all along to visit his friend Andrew who is there doing his transitional year and at the very last minute, I decided to tag along!

It was such a wonderful trip!  Andrew was kind enough to let us sleep on his couch at his wonderful one bedroom apartment.

Arriving in NYC!!!
We had some wonderful meals, great shopping, site seeing and of course a musical!  We visited a few restaurants I had been to before that were my favs!  There is a ton of great Pizza places in NYC, some are just more famous than others.  We went to John's Pizzeria on Bleeker in Greenwich Village!  It was wonderful and just as I remember it.  We also visited Momofuku Noodle Bar on 1st Avenue and 10th street.  It is a tiny spot with a great scene and AMAZING Pork must start with that for appetizer! 

Enjoying our Lone Star Beer at Momofuku Noodle Bar

Out on the town after Dinner

Christina Guglielmo, Adam's (heath's bro) fiancĂ©, also lives in NYC!  So while Heath and Andrew were at the Mets game one night, I got to spend some time with Christina which was wonderful!  She lives in an area of NYC that I had never been to before and now LOVE! She lives on St. Mark's in the East Village.  We explored the area, had wonderful sushi, an Ice cream cone and I got to visit her wonderful apartment! 

The view from the roof of her apartment

Champagne Cocktails at a Jazz bar just down the street from her place!

Heath and Andrew on the Brooklyn Bridge

Our last night in town, we bought discount tickets to see Rock of Ages (you just can't go to NY without doing Broadway).   I had never heard of it before and really had no idea what to was AMAZING!!!  SO enjoyable.  It was a musical set to all 80's music (who doesn't love 80's music).  Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx, Pat was fabulous! The theater was transformed to look like the Sunset strip in the 80's.  Alcohol was not only allowed in the theater, but was served throughout the show!   You truly felt like you were part of the performance!  The lead was played by Constantine from American Idol.  I didn't know what to expect from him, but he did a great job!  Go See it!!

A few pics of all of us in Time Square after the show!

We love NYC!  Heath and I are both returning in January!!
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