Friday, July 31, 2009


I had planned a trip to Chicago at the end of July by myself, but then at last minute we found out Heath could get off for it!!

In July we visited the Garrens in Chicago!  Since Heath and I had both been there before this was a much more relaxing trip mainly just enjoying our time with the Garrens!
Heath and I exploring Michigan Avenue

Belen and I around town


I had no idea what to expect of the Chicago beach...It was like Spring Break for adults!  

We had so much fun playing "Bags" which was new to us Texans!
Here are Heath and I giving it a shot...

In the end...the Garren's were victorious!

Belen and I posing in front of the Chicago skyline.

We had SO much fun!  Thanks for having us Garrens!!

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