Thursday, October 15, 2009

South Carolina with the McKee's

The McKee's were our next door neighbors growing up in Winchester Trails!  We have all since moved away, but we try to get together with them a couple of times a year to reconnect.  The McKee's are literally spread all over.  The oldest daughter, Audrey, lives in Durham, NC with her husband Ryan and son Sam.  Laura is the next oldest and lives in Vancouver with her husband Jim and the youngest, Scott lives in Washington D.C.  Ana and George McKee followed Audrey to Durham to be full time grandparents for little Sam.

For our most recent trip we rented a beach house in Charleston, SC.  It was such a fun trip with a lot of catching up, sightseeing and A LOT of amazing southern food!

Gorging ourselves at a southern brunch
the Turley's

Our favorite new drink!  Firefly is a brand of vodka distilled right in South Carolina.  They are famous for their amazing sweet tea flavored vodka.  The pairing I enjoy the most is called an Arnold Palmer. It is half sweet tea flavored vodka and half lemonade!  It is wonderful...and a little dangerous.  It just tastes too good.

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